Welcome to Keep Poems Alive International.

   Every week (more or less) you will find fresh poems here, poems that have been previously published at least three years ago.  We want poems to be continuously enjoyed and not forgotten after one or two published appearances. We want people who are not poets to enjoy these poems. We hope poets will read them too.

   We welcome contributions of your favourite published poems, of which you hold the copyright or for which you can arrange copyright permission. Please send them by email to sally evans 35 at gmail dot com with details of previous publication and if you wish, a picture of your own which you would like to be shown with the poem. We know poems don’t really need illustrations, and being made of words they cannot be definitively illustrated, but an image can be found that fits in in some way with most poems.

     Without more ado, please look into our blogzine and savour the poems. And please feel free to become a supporter by passing on the word to your friends and poet friends. You can read one week of poems, or browse all the way back to our start last August via the archive.

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. John Forth said:

    I’m very pleased to see Allan Baker’s poem on your website. I worked with Allan during 2013 to publish his Collected Poems shortly before he died in 2014. The book is available from me priced £10.00 +£1.50 p&p.


  2. Are you open to submissions?


  3. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said:

    Hi Sally, Great idea. Would love to see the details here in the About section!


  4. Several people have asked for a statement on how to submit, so here it is, above. Hoping this will encourage more poets to send in their previously published poems


  5. If you don’t send an image, we will find one for your poem.


  6. A worthy effort.


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