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Our first poems are from Angela Topping and Laura McKee. Another set of poems wil be published on Sunday.

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Collage 1

 Angela Topping            Facing Up To It
Oh but to die and leave this sensible warm motion  —
Measure for Measure

The knowledge that  one day I will
be called to leave behind all this

that I have loved: my books

both read and yet to read; my music,
and handful of songs I’ve made
my own to sing and play; clothes
and jewels that tell the word I am;
my dearest friends, who’ll learn to do
the best they can without me;
poems not yet written; two daughters,
loved perhaps too much, who fill my life;

husband with his enfolding arms
and morning cups of tea:
this has to be faced up to.

But last to go and most lamente
d —
memories, held in the strongbox mind
to be taken out, relived —
how it felt to be there at one time
how the sun shone on the river, how
we laughed and cried and what was said.

The dead feel nothing, taste nothing.
No-one can touch them, they drift along

senselessly, floating like balloons, let go

into the stratosphere, mingling with stars,

aimless, surrrounded by dead planets.

Poem and collage by Angela Topping. Poem first published in The Way We Came, Bluechrome 2007

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 Laura McKee
sea otters

he bites her on the nose
holds her head under water
and sometimes they hold hands
while they sleep
to keep each other
from drifting away
across oceans
as ice can
if it cracks and splits
twenty miles or more

Poem by Laura McKee first published in Other Poetry in October 2011